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Proficient in a variety of languages, we can meet your needs on several platforms: iOS, desktop, and Android. Our teams are focused on working to create expert collaboration.


We’re very easy to communicate with. Our goal is to work beside you throughout the entire process. You’ll never feel disconnected from what’s going on with your project!


Software development is our art. We’re committed to creating a masterful product that you’re happy with and will make a significant impact for your target audience.

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Lightning Kite's purpose is to deliver quality software to clients through use of great communication and a wide breadth of knowledge. Our visionary focus is to design and develop innovative apps on a great variety of devices that will benefit you and your customers.

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With an extensive amount of successful projects under our belts in a variety of programming languages, you can have confidence in our team to help you create the project of your dreams.

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"We interviewed seven or eight other companies and it came down to attitude. Lightning Kite’s sense of transparency was refreshing. Lightning Kite is ridiculously good with customer service."

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"Once we met them, we were confident they could do the job. The integrity was paramount to the profitability. They have a lot of resources, a real hidden gem."


"Lightning Kite has been a good relationship for over five years. In the beginning, they were very helpful in getting us going in the right direction. With the larger team, they have expanded creativity and more diversity."


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